To those who Defied the Odds, Those Who Stood True to their Beliefs Till the End is a tribute to my grandmother who passed on recently. She was a big inspiration to many.

AfricanFeminism (AF)


On February 18th I lost my grand aunt-my grandmother really (English limitations) because in my culture a sister of my grandmother is my grandmother. Both have almost equal roles and space in your life.

This incredible woman, May Kyomugasho Katebaka left us at the age of 97. We last met in 2014 when I visited her. She’s a fierce woman. Fierce in her religion but also fierce in her knowledge of what she wanted from the world. And that is what moves me. Moves every time one claims feminism is foreign and for the educated, un-african. She always came to mind when I met such arguments. I would tell myself that if only they could hear half her life story, then they would understand why I am such a rebellion.

Grandma May, always made it a point to tell us she got ‘saved/born again’ in 1949. Religion was at the…

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