I just read this piece from International Magazine that a total of 31 African heads of state were assassinated in less than 40 years after independence.

This was brought forward by President of the Commission of the African Union (AU), Jean Ping, at the opening of the 15th session of the Executive Council of the AU.

This means that on average a Head of State was killed per year is a “regressive political developments disturbing.” African presidents are calling for  a coherent response to ensure minimise similar occurrences.Just in March this year, the President of Guinea-Bissau, Joao Bernardo “Nino” Vieira, was murdered and a coup followed. Similar events have occurred in Madagascar and Mauritania.

At the 12th Conference of Heads of State and Government of the AU in February in Addis Ababa, African leaders asked the AU Commission to submit recommendations for the implementation of adequate preventive measures against unconstitutional changes of government.

But no amount of recommendations will save African governments from coups. These leaders know what they should do to prevent coups but they aren’t doing it. They instead behave in a manner that can only encourage coups. For instance abrogating constitutions, stealing elections Kenyan and ZimbabweAfrica. Otherwise treating coups as though they are the cause of chaos rather than an outcome of certain misrule is not right.  And I believe sometimes coups are the only hope for many states. style, not allowing opposition voices is the norm in many countries. Every time you here a dictator has changed the constitution to give himself more terms in offices and at worst leave it open for a possible life presidency. Many citizens in many countries only wait for the hand of God to take away dictators. Corruption is soaring and nothing is done on merit in many African countries. With this situation someone needs to tell African leaders that you alone can prevent coups in Africa.