Karamoja: My work on maternal death and HIV

Lucia talking to me in Moroto, Northeastern Uganda. Rosebell Kagumire/2009
Lucia talking to me in Moroto, Northeastern Uganda. Rosebell Kagumire/2009

Lucia Lochoro is a 25-year-old mother of three. The second wife to her husband, Lochoro never went to school. Like many of her village mates in Loputuk parish, just 8 km from Moroto town, she sells firewood and water to earn a living for her family that lives in a hut, locally known as Manyatta, which she constructed herself. But Lochoro is different from many Karimojong women. She has delivered all her children in hospital in Moroto town. “We have a birth attendant in the village and she told me to come to hospital where I had to pay only 500 shillings for a book,” she said in Karimojong.

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One thought on “Karamoja: My work on maternal death and HIV

  1. Some comments on the story at The Independent website.

    By Stephen

    Who created HIV? And why is it more prevalent in areas that are or have been
    identified as rich in natural resources? These stories of Karamoja being hit by
    the disease, are just to prepare us for the covert decimation of its population
    so that the land can be exploited. And when one sees these whites in these
    clinics all the time! Can’t these jobs be offered to well trained children of
    the soil!? Or is it a pre-requisite from the donor countries to have them on the
    Africans must realise that these people come in sheep-skins but they
    are as calous as they have ever been. I have seen documentaries where doctors
    inject their black victims with pathogens (America), just to test their
    potency! And our leaders are in on the act too!
    When are we to wake up!?


    Stephen, karamoja is a different dish. No body I repeat No body wants to work in karamoja. To work in Karamoja needs sacrifice. During earlier days you would be shot any time on the roads. hygiene is very poor. The population is illiterate and dirty. feces everywhere. tell me who want s to work in such situation. For
    the time being the Zungus have been able to selflessly serve in this part of the country. when things improve hopefully other Ugandans will get to know that karimojongs are humans too that require health services.


    Getting a Ugandan Doctor to work in the remoteness of karamoja with its unique surrounding is a night mare. I know a few colleagues there but they will take off at the earliest opportunity. Partners are really making a significant contribution especially Moroto Catholic Diocese through Matany Hospital. The Private not for profit Hospitals are far better in terms of quality service delivery in this Country as compared to rotten government health facilities. Even a blind man can see! Stevo needs to visit Matany Hospital and Moroto
    government Hospital. Im sure he will swallow his statement.

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