Global Fund files disappear, shortage of medicines continues

Daily Monitor reports that a number of employees at the Directorate of Public Prosecutions were yesterday a subject of criminal investigation after thieves gained mysterious entry into their Kampala headquarters and stole records of high-profile cases, among them Global Fund files.

Justice John Bosco Katutsi is expected to pass judgment on Tuesday against Ms Annaliza Mondon and Ms Elizabeth Ngororano both directors of Valued Health, a local NGO accused of mismanaging Shs18.7m from the Fund. Former Health minister Jim Muhwezi and his ex-deputies; Mr Mike Mukula and Dr Alex Kamugisha are awaiting trial for allegedly misappropriating money meant for HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria treatment as well as immunisation.

Well, there is a mystery to this whole robbery of files. It is really embarrassing that a whole DPP’s office can be raided by thieves. Hope investigations will deliver an answer but the question is if Global Fund money could be stolen and used for all sorts of personal projects with no one raising an alarm until it was too late how you expect files on the cases to remain interact. The truth the Global Fund money incriminated a lot of people and its difficult to point who is more threatened.

We will even spend more money on investigations as we see shortages in the delivery of services to fight Malaria, TB and AIDS. The country has had a shortage of TB drugs for months now and we can afford to make it easy for GF files to be stolen.

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