Museveni to retire at 75

Look at this quote closely, you  will see that Uganda is not about to see the light.

“I will retire if there are no demands,” Mr Museveni said. “I am going to be 65 in September but I am still very strong. I would like to advise young people that if you look after yourself very well you can be strong for quite a long time. For us we don’t look at this as power; we look at it as struggle.”

The man keeps telling himself that he’s strong even when he’s not. He keeps seeing popular demand even when the polls show a different course. Well if Obama thought his message of change and not clinging to power was being taken, this proves otherwise. I hope we don’t have a Kim Jong because a Mugabe we surely are very close.

At seventy five he will say my people still want to see me in the seat and God knows what will be happening in Uganda. As my friend usually say If the president can’t leave power then I will leave the country and leave him to eat entire drum(symbol of power traditionally)  and its skin. But then how many people have the luxury of being able to leave the country. The president keeps saying he has sacrificed too much for this country but who can afford to sacrifice for over 3 decades for people who can ably find an alternative which could be even much better if he gave them support? Well the president must know that To whoever much is given much is expected. His rule is not just about sacrifice, it’s also about gains and the gains way out march the sacrifice,  so Uganda expects so much from him and the best he can do is retire before 75.

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