ICC and rent defaulting in Uganda

Just when you think the International Criminal Court has gone off the headlines in the Uganda, it crawls back. But this time it’s not about Uganda having to arrest Bashir or General Kony(like most of his sympathisers love to call him).

The ICC building at the Hague where the court has headquarters.
The ICC building at the Hague where the court has headquarters.

The ICC in Uganda is being sued for failure to pay rent. In a country where the court’s involvement is still partly blamed for complicating effeorts to find the end of the war, such news about failure to pay rent is the last the court needs.

Well, rent defaulting in Uganda is not a rare thing and if you’re a land lord you understand the pain of having to guage a new tenant on their looks, mannerisms to identify any rent defaulting in them. In fact one cabinet minister is well known for staying in houses for free. The trick is that he will pay you the first months a lump some after that he will stay for free until he identifies another poor landlord to invade. The ICC has long vacated the premises where the owe this money and the case is before court. So I wonder if the ICC got their advice from this minister. But I am not sure the ICC wants to become a laughing-stone, oh! forget Kampala Mayoral language, the ICC can’t risk becoming a laughing-stock.

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