Costa Rica move

It’s been days without a post but I have been in transit mostly. I am on my way to Costa Rica where I will be spending the next one year studying a masters in Media Peace and Conflict studies at the UN-backed University for Peace

I will continue to write the commentaries on what is happening in both Uganda and my little university world. Thanks for the visits I hope to continue hearing from you.

2 thoughts on “Costa Rica move

  1. Am glad you are doing this great course. We may need your help when you get back in 2010. With all the tribal issues cropping up- you may have to mediate between the banyoro and the other tribes.
    Between Museveni and Besigye, Olara Otunnu and Musevenni, DP and FDC, FDC and UPC etc.

    Otherwise, hope you will have fun as you study and make us proud.

  2. Madame, I hope I will be back in time. I don’t like the way things are going with this shameless display of tribalism and sectarianism. Hope all goes well.

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