Kulayigye go beyond rubbish on the army’s part in Northern Uganda war crimes

Maj.Felix Kulayigye, Uganda army spokesperson
Maj.Felix Kulayigye, Uganda army spokesperson

The return of Otunnu has been the talk of town for the last 3 or so months and The Independent wrote a good story on what Otunnu’s return to Uganda politics means for the political map come 2011.

I may agree with some of Otunnu’s criticism of Museveni’s government but on genocide I don’t know if that charge would stand especially seeing that Omar al Bashir was not charged for genocide in darfur. Of course Otunnu will not bring such charges before the ICC as they have their eyes on Joseph Kony for now. But what the government has refused to do is accept that mistakes have been on their part and the Mukura massacre has never been given due attention.

Daily monitor gave perspective to Olara Otunnu’s BBC interview and what caught my eye was this quote from Lt. Col. Kulayigye, the army spokesperson.

“What he is saying is total rubbish,” said Lt. Col. Kulayigye, the defence and military spokesman, adding “If government forces were committing genocide, how then could civilians run away from rebels to them for sanctuary?” Lt. Col. Kulayigye said Dr Otunnu served in both the Obote II government and Gen. Tito Okello Lutwa junta “that massacred Ugandans”, and he has “no moral right whatsoever to talk against human rights records of the UPDF.”

If you have spoken to Kulaigye as a journalist for him to explain a certain assertion against the army you must have failed to catch what quote him on and the Daily monitor quote says it all. It’s all about rubbish, nosense and God knows we are about to hear some bull….. But above that I feel that Kulaigye in this story sounds like a politician or some sort of historian rather than an army spokesperson. I don’t think he should even be the first person to be quoted because apparently he can’t seem to refute a statement or defend the army without saying rubbish.

Well Afande Kulaigye to show that what you’re saying is not rubbish please stop politicking just provide names of UPDF officers or soldiers who were prosecuted for killing, raping civilians over the course of the war and explain what happened at Mukura at length. We are not asking you about Obote’s sins and deeds for you were not his spokesperson. You are responsible for speaking for the current army so just explain to the nation.

For those of us who are not sure of what really went on you must convince us by going beyond the rubbish word.

Note: I stand to be corrected, was Kulayigye promoted?

4 thoughts on “Kulayigye go beyond rubbish on the army’s part in Northern Uganda war crimes

  1. Yah, I agree that the language our top guns in the army, starting with their commander-in-chief, depicts moral bankruptcy. I also agree that escapism from responsibility is no good long-term strategy. What happened during past regimes cannot continue to be a point of reference in defining the atrocities of the current regime.

    On the other hand, it is so upsetting when we get caught up in the emotions of the moment and fail to hold everyone accountable for their wrongs.

    While Lt. Col. Kulayigye must be held responsible for the contemporary wrongs of his regime/army, people associated to crimes of past regimes e.g. Otunnu, must not be spared the criticism. All wrongs must be analyzed and apportioned in their own right.

    The frustration with some of us is efforts by some elements to mask HISTORY so as to gain political capital in the PRESENT. Well, we who know history will not waver to shine on it a spotlight. We shall do that by no means shielding the current holders of power from being answerable for their own wrongs.

    Let us not be hoodwinked by crafty politicians like Otunnu to just focus on the contemporary atrocities by shielding the past atrocities – especially if they are seeking CONTEMPORARY POWER. And neither should the present holders of power hoodwink us to focus on the PAST so as to forget the present atrocities.

    We must endeavor to apportion blame always in EQUAL MEASURE!!

  2. Kagumire, i am a proud Uganda and proud of the UPDF but to describe my personality as proud am afraid you may be among the few. Secondly to say that i always use rubbish other than explain, leaves me amazed at your bias against me, because i don’t remember the day that my answers left you dissatisfied, may be, but atleast you did not show nor express it!!

    1. am glad you have come to read these commentaries. I am specifically perturbed by the way government spokespersons use the uncouth language to challenge any any questions put to them. the use of un civil language in public must end, respect for dissenting voices without resorting to abuse is what i hope we can learn.

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