It wasn’t me, President Museveni

The president has denied responsibility whether direct or indirect in last weeks riots that killed over 20 people in Kampala.

Without remorse or sympathy over the loss of lives, the president blamed the opposition for the riot.  The president must think Ugandans have eyes but no vision. This is total disrespect especially to those who lost their loved ones. He said the government will compensate those who lost property and if they are to pay relatives for the lives lost, this utter insensitivity from a head of state should cannot be tolerated.

6 thoughts on “It wasn’t me, President Museveni

    1. I think you’re looking at this conflict when it is at its peak. I am not condoning the acts of the riots but this never started with the rioters just like it never ended with them. This is about power and poor, desperate, desolate people joined in for they think it is the way to get noticed (of course not the right way). Just like most conflicts this passed through the hands of leaders who incubated it and the actions of rioters could have been prevented. But I have never seen Museveni and many other leaders in my country take responsibility. It’s always someone else even when he’s party to the conflict and the actions are there for us to see.

  1. Nev, the whole thing started by Prezzo stopping his mate, the King, from gng to that district…basically, Prezzo’s micromanagement is what brought all this about

  2. What us as Ugandans have to understand, is that:


    If you want what happened to Rwanda to happen here, then continue with all this irresponsible nonsense. The government can not be responsible for everything. Individual initiative and personal responsibility have to be valued. Everyone has become a “dentist”. The decay of morals and values is unbelievable!! And of course, we have the righteous elite, a little stint in the US and you convince people that they need to fight for their rights? How absurd!!! Can’t get away with some of this crap and the pitiful souls who publish garbage and call it news and call themselves journalists! Shish!!

    1. Zoe I don’t know what you mean when you say little stint in the US and you convince people that they need to fight for their rights. But you’re partly right the government was not responsible for all the mayhem. But who were the parties and what evoked the violence. This is not about morals it’s about many factors one of them being jobless youths who have nothing to lose who are willing to riot till the cows come home rather than seat home with no jobs, youth in disarray whom government has not created jobs for. youth who live in country where corruption reigns and no one thinks about them until a riot occurs and the president starts giving speeches concerning building factories. For you to understand what pushes people to involve themselves in such riots, you must not just call it question of immorality. The question goes to failure of getting a descent place in society. I mean the riot started with a few pro-Kabaka youth and it was taken over. So in the end we shdn’t just sit and listen to speeches, we must cater for the inequalities in our country otherwise I see another Kenya in Uganda. And the role of jobless youth in many conflicts in the world is well recorded.

      1. Thank you for not condoning the riot,but your worry is that you have nver seen or heard M7 take any responsibility. He will always blame the opposition. You remember when the Black Mambas” raped” the judiciary? I mean High court during bailing procedure? M7 came out to blame the opposition! Am realy fed up with the regime. You see Rose bell, the reason to all this , is overstaying in power and unending GREED and lust for riches. It is agood lesson to learn for future leaders coming soon. M7 will never take responsibility even you cought him red handed as has always been. God Bless Uganda.

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