Merry x-mas, happy holidayin and 2010

It’s like I have been in exile this December. Iwas finishing my first semester at school and this meant i had to finish all the piled up assignments so i didnot get much time to write. I hope to write more in the new year, especially after a first x-mas spend on the wintery side of the world.

Thanks for all your participation, i have learnt from most of your comments and some have challenged my own beliefs and principles making grow.

I hope we continue to have this discussion in coming year. Blessings in 2010.

Can election violence in uganda be prevented?

New human rights watch report on election violence in Uganda and how it should be prevented is out. I will update this post after a though reading but for now I have reservations.

It’s good to have another report to refer to in future but I don’t see the government cutting the hands that feed it. The weaknesses in the electoral system that will allow them to get a little over 50 percent can’t be dealt with.

And even if they do that, there other ways to deal with votes the Kenyan model.