Can election violence in uganda be prevented?

New human rights watch report on election violence in Uganda and how it should be prevented is out. I will update this post after a though reading but for now I have reservations.

It’s good to have another report to refer to in future but I don’t see the government cutting the hands that feed it. The weaknesses in the electoral system that will allow them to get a little over 50 percent can’t be dealt with.

And even if they do that, there other ways to deal with votes the Kenyan model.

3 thoughts on “Can election violence in uganda be prevented?

  1. Your right Rosebell. Personally i believe that its the government that fuels the violence on purpose. Divide and rule/instill fear among people so that they do not wish 4 a change. Who wants wars? It’s a dirty trick they play. That is my story and i am sticking to it. As for the votes, i must say that at one point when in secondary, we were allowed 2 vote even under false names. I have never voted since then. What did i know about politics then to make a decision? Very sad.

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