What Is The Conference About?

This blog should have come before anything else. Anyhow, what’s this whole Africa’s New Frontier: Innovation, Technology and Prosperity conference about? The press release claims it will,

enrich our conversation about Africa, highlighting good news stories from Africa, and drawing on lessons learned, projecting trends, and focusing on the many ways in which Canada–Africa relations support innovation on the continent.

Some of the main sessions of the conference will be streamed live. So there’s an opportunity to be the judge. You can catch the streams here anytime you can. Other than that, return for my two cents worth of the whole conference.

3 thoughts on “What Is The Conference About?

  1. Africa should definately be rebranded. I have got myself disliked for telling people that we actually do not need that much aid, and also explaining the aid with strings attached has not gone down with people well. people just seem to love the idea that Africa is poor and we need saving. Not that our leaders have corupted us and sent us out of our homes, not that rich nations have exploited our resources, oppressed us economically and contributed to our under development. You know what Rosebell i believe that keeping this poverty image of Africa benefits rich countries because they pretend to give aid but never mention under what comes along with it in their media. so they look like the saviours of poor countries yet in actual fact they are part and parcel of the problem. All our resources can be taken with less payment and our foolish leaders can play the victim and dance with the devils and corrupt their own people. When i think of it, African do not need to go out of Africa to Europe or America or wherever. We as a nation with our natural resources can survive and thrive if fair trade is practised and less interferance is practised. But the chances of that happening are minimal, the image Africa has for now is shocking and does not benefit us in the least bit. But are these other continents ready for the rebranding of Africa? That is the main question. After all, it is them who have assigned us the current image.

  2. My computer is playing up. I even posted under the wrong post Rosebell. sorry about that. i was supposed to post this under rebranding Africa. Anyway it could be shifted. Please. LOL

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