Oh Africa my nu love

It’s the new song by  Akon and Keri Hilson featuring The Soweto Gospel Choir as a charity single to benefit underprivileged African youth and it also means much as the continent is three months away from the historical moment. Go Africa!!!!

5 thoughts on “Oh Africa my nu love

  1. Haven’t watched the Vid….. But have a copy of the song.
    By the way Africa is hosting the world cup for the first but we dont have a world cup song by united African Musicians.

    1. i think you got a point. but how do you think we should bring these sleeping musician to make one? i wonder why they haven’t woken up to the event that will be historical.

  2. Thanks Rosebell and all pals,

    This is indeed a fantastic song. Indeed Musicians need to be awakened by your challenging write-ups in the media.Some may then and put off personal fights for a United Voice/ song . Sad we lost strange attractors like Lucky Dubbe who would have mobilised others.

    The World Cup is not for Africa but the world at large though, Africa shall gain publicity depending on positive factors on the ground. My prayer is for African teams to excel well, keep the image & morale high and funs well motivated. Note that soccer is part of my life and my blood smells soccer though, now a spectator.

    Go Africacompte well and Win win but also work harder.

    University for peace
    Costa Rica

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