Uganda counting losses from landslides, survivors yet to find refugee and more floods warnings

Henry Mukasa, a Ugandan journalist interviewing a survivor.

My friend Henry had this to say on the situation on his facebook page:

“I was in Bududa; the guys there are inconsolable after losing almost all relatives and their livelihood. Isaac Watyekele lost his father, mother and siblings!”

Isaac is the man he was interviewing in the picture. It’s simply tragic. The place is far from the capital and officials are saying some bodies will never be found as the army and aid workers only have their hands and ordinary hoes to plough the rocky Mount Elgon region.

Again I hope we will have more reports in the media focuing on how or what the government efforts should be after this catastrophy.

I have seen reports that some people are willing to migrate but one could say they are not in a good state to determine their future but we need to see a government plan.

President Museveni visited the area but only said the situation was due to the cutting of trees on the slopes of the mountain without saying that longterm solutions would be besides tree planting.

What has many wondering is why would a president visit a disaster hit area wearing an AK47 around his neck? Not even can these arms protect us from such catastrophies. so will such a day come to Uganda when this governments will shift it’s thinking from the show of arms to try to resolve problems of the common people?

President Museveni on a visit to the landslide hit area.

Note that Museveni retired from the army and claims to only be a commander-in-chief of the forces but such appearances only reinforce the reality that many Ugandans know and are worried about. What the people of Bududa want is not a president in military fatigue as if the villages have been attacked by rebels, but a comprehensive solution to these landslides that affect the area every rainy season.

Meanwhile according to Daily monitor more than 30,000 people in Butaleja have been displaced by floods as the rain continues to pour. Government has issued alerts for Kabarole and Kasese, both in western Uganda where bridges have so far been washed way. I only hope that these floods don’t cause anymore deaths but this calls for proper preparation of the populations in the high risk areas.

3 thoughts on “Uganda counting losses from landslides, survivors yet to find refugee and more floods warnings

  1. Hey Rosebell,

    Your articles are great!! Really well written and interesting. Great for an foriegner who knows nothing about Uganda but has been interested to learn a thing or to after making some ugandan friends almost a year ago now.

    Would love to hear what you have to say about the new anti-gay bill that might be/has been introduced in your country?? Given that you are studying media, peace and conflict studies, thought you might have something powerful to say about these incredibily inhumane laws that fly in the face of the worldwide concept of human rights.

    Again, good to some great online journo work.

    Alex (from Sydney, Australia)

    1. Thanks for your comments. Personally I believe Ugandans have a right to discuss what policies they want for their country. I might not agree with the anti-gay bill especially with death sentence but most of what I have read in foreign media which i guess informs you almost suggests that ugandas shouldn’t have a discussion on the issue.
      Like you said it is just a bill and like any other bill it has people who support it and those against it. But over all I think calling for death penalty is too extremist and not needed but so are those outside the country who think Ugandans shouldn’t have that discussion. it’s unfortunate that countries are willing to use aid to try to force government into overuling the bill that hasn’t even been discussed. So where have they been when the country has witnesed several stolen elections? how come they continue to support the government even with evidence of torture of opposition. Well , ultimately I believe the discussion of this bill should be the discussion of all Ugandans and whether you agree with them or not and whether their beliefs are inline with other countries or not. I would like to see my country decide it’s own path.

  2. It is also the fact that in the so called civilised countries, the laws mask the prejudice and hate. The prejudice is still alive and kicking as much as in developing countries. We are going to have to crawl before we walk or run.

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