Not responsible: President Museveni speaks out on Buganda tombs fire

President Museveni yesterday warned that anyone suggesting that his government had a hand in the burning of the Kasubi tombs would be dealt with.

I am waiting for someone to say so publicly and I really deal with him … I am really dying to lay my hands on such a person. If anybody is not yet sure of the evil and wicked intentions of some of these elements, a slander like this is part of the proof.

The government neither contributed to the fire nor its prolongation. Instead it’s the government that put out the fire; saved the kings’ remains, the walls of the house and cemented floor and some of the artifacts and stopped the fire from spreading to other buildings.

As President Museveni said, no body has publically said that his government is responsible, the president is being ‘worked up’ by the the never-dying Kampala rumourmill which plays an important role in spreading stories that never make it to the public arena.  Sometimes the rumourmill gets it right sometimes it’s just another story that has ‘no head or a tail’ as a Runyankole saying goes. So the president may be waiting for years before he hears anyone publically say that they believe his government had a hand.

The President said this at a press conference. Daily Monitor has more on that report.  Investigations are yet to give us a clue on what or who started the fire.

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