Minister Kivejinja’s laughable promises on Kiboko squad

Th Internal affairs minister Kirunda Kivejinja had told Parliament that the stick-wielding  goons that have become the face of violence at any demonstration in Uganda will be prosecuted.

This group is unknown to the Police. The Police want to find out who they are. Once identified, criminal charges will be brought against them.

These men first appeared on the scene on April 17, 2007 during a political demonstration against the give-away of part of Mabira forest for sugarcane growing. They again appeared last week at an opposition demonstration. Here is the Youtube link to the recent saga.

The Minister is now telling Ugandans that these men are unknown to the government that runs a country.

Why don’t they appear when other groups are matching through town? Why are they synomous with political opposition demonstrations? A responsible government that is concerned about the safety of citizens whether they are dissenting or not must be in position to know any author of violence. If it can take three years for government to figure out who these goons are what does this tell us about out safety?

Well that’s assuming that what the minister’s word is true but i am inclined to to think that these kiboko squad men are part of state terror that seems to take any form whenever members of the opposition come up. In an earlier post i quoted an investigation by the New Vision newspaper that gave details of where¬† these men are from and who’s behind them.

The major question should be why would a government with enough forces to handle a political demonstration in Kampala resort to the ugliest tactics of all at times that are not necessarily of highest resistance?

Just like many inquiries that we have seen in the past we will see what Kivejinja tells Ugandans when these men turn up again. Such illegitimate actors that government has allowed to freely commit crimes might make demonstrations in Uganda more violent as demonstrators in future might look for ways to defend themselves. God knows what would happen with the excessive use of force that the both these goons and our uniformed police resort in times of demonstrations.

Vuvuzelaring all the way

EastCoast Radio photo

The World Cup is already underway and I decided to run back to the continent in time. The African teams have not had a great start save for the Black Stars but I do believe Ivory Coast and Nigeria have good chances to bounce back. I am hoping by the time i head south for the semis and final which will find me in Johannesburg, an African team will be still present.

I will be part of the Ugandan youth delegation to the Man Up campaign summit on violence against women which hopes to use music and sport to raise awareness among physical and structural violence against women. I hope the haters of the Vuvuzela will not suceed to stop it. I will be with many distinguished activists to vuvuzela away violence against women as the curtains come down in Jo’burg.

More on ther campaign is here