Uganda commemorates 1325

I am in Soroti at a Peace Exposition at the commemoration of UNSCR 1325 on women, peace and security hosted by Isis-Women’s International Cross Cultural Exchange.

These are pictures from the yesterday’s event and I will be writing on what has been done or not done in Uganda on UNSCR 1325 in a few days

Minister Eriya Kategaya addressed a UN Security Council debate on 26/10/10 on the implementation of the resolution and statement simply stated gender policies that were passed about a decade ago like the 1.5 points awarded to female university entrants, the affirmative action on women political representation which in no way show how issues of women and girls in post conflict Uganda are specifically being addressed.

Women call on govt during a peace march in Soroti town on the anniversary of 10 years of UNSCR. Rosebell's photo
Women during a peace march in Soroti. 29/10/10. Rosebell's photo
Women from conflict affected areas of Uganda marched in Soroti to celebrate achievements and also call on government to implement 1325. Rosebell's photo.
Soroti Woman MP Alice Alaso (C) Helen Kezie-Nwoha (L) and Ruth Ochieng of Isis-WICCE at a peace march to mark 10 years of UNSCR 1325 IN Soroti Friday 29/10/10. Photo by GK

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