ICC tells Ivory Coast leaders you are under watch!

Ivory Coast’s electoral commission has said opposition candidate Alassane Ouattara has won the presidential run-off but the Constitutional Council has contested the announcement.

In the last few days there have been reported clashes and attacks on civilians and some have died. But as the tag of war continues between two bodies over the election results, the Deputy Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued a statment that he’s watching the events closely.

Supporters of President Laurent Gbagbo had tried to block the result, saying there had been fraud in the north.

Former rebels control this area. It is also where Mr Ouattara is most popular.

Côte d’Ivoire accepted the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes committed on its territory in October 2003.

SO far there’s been little efforts from presidential candidates to calm their supporters and ICC has asked the political figures to do more.

I invite the Ivorian authorities to investigate criminal incidents that have already occurred and to do everything possible to deter future ones. All reported acts of violence will be closely scrutinized by the Office.” – Fatou Bensouda, Deputy Prosecutor of the ICC

The ICC has already taken on the case of post election violence in Kenya and many look up to it to fully bring those that were behind the 2007 violence to book. Elections on the African soil have increasingly become a way down to violence rather than liberty.

And we can only watch to see where the events in Ivory Coast will head.



6 thoughts on “ICC tells Ivory Coast leaders you are under watch!

  1. Now the army seals off borders, though it is possible to do watch over all borders, the army announcement has spread further fear at least i heard from friends!

  2. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield are still free after having been responsible for the massacre of tens of thousands of Iraqis. I am still awaiting action from the ICC….or are they just a bunch of bullies trying to beat up on the little guys?

    Just like the UN….trying to dictate election results in a sovereign country with its own sovereign courts and rules. The UN never thought to question the decision of the US supreme Court when they decided the 2000 US elections.
    The UN is scared to even talk about Israel’s illegal occupation, nor its massacres in Lebanon, Palestine, and Turkish peace activists carrying aid to beleaguered Palestinians.
    NO….they want to set the scene for a second African massacre.

    ENOUGH HYPOCRISY AND MEDDLING!!!! Enough trying to fool the world.

    1. I appreciate all those issues you raised but if you read in my report I give you an example of Kenya where Kenyans were happy for the court to intervene because their own courts couldn’t deliver justice. Of course we can use all those examples you have put to say UN shdn’t do any thing but for many who know what the world did by ignoring Rwanda, those who suffered and saw the devastation left behind i am sure wd appreciate that some interventions.
      Of course press statements alone won’t work, but I refuse to use those above examples to say we shd let countries go into war because one George Bush bullied the world or Israel does that almost everyday.
      I think much as we have those extreme failures going on, for us who live in countries where elections are rigged daily and we see continued support from UN and foreign powers to same leaders who impose themselves on us, we know too well to say foreign interference doesn’t matter.
      Whatever the situation in Ivory Coast, there has to be measures to ensure the country doesn’t slip into a sort of Kenya or Zimbabwe.
      We will talk of George Bush and we will also talk of China preventing early actions that could have saved Africans in Darfur but we can’t entirely say the situation is bleak, we can’t seat back at say well that’s meddling whatever way we have meddling and we need to find ways to reduce it and by rigging elections and clinging to power doesn’t help any people, it only invites meddling.

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