Ugandan women voices missing in media on election day

To Ugandan Televisions and other media!

The election results are slowly coming in. I have been glued to TV and radios all day trying to get different views. I have watched NTV, UBC and other TV stations and the only prominent female voice i saw was that of Presidential candidate Betty Olive Kamya. The TVs  tell me that Uganda has no females capable of analyzing an election. This blockage of women’s voices is not only on experts but also extends to journalist panels like the one on NTV. We are not seeing women’s voices on air.

This marginalization of women in our media especially when it comes to issues that are vital to the future of our country should not be tolerated. Ugandan media must give equal voice despite of gender. This further enforces stereotypes that women are not interested in politics. I wouldn’t expect media houses to be this discriminatory or ignoring women at such a crucial time in the country’s history.

8 thoughts on “Ugandan women voices missing in media on election day

    1. Dear Bonfire, watching two channels over 48 hrs is possible! I don’think we are the same page. The article was not about women’s faces as presenters or reporters but rather inclusion of women’s voices on panel of experts ranging from political scientists to journalist panels who were analysing the elections.
      I watched mostly NTV and all their panels had no woman in it! So separate reporter/news anchor from field people who analyse news and its implications.

      1. Yo headline is misleading given the fact that your judging it based only on one source ” TV”. I guess Betty was getting prominence because of her position in these presidential elections. Women have to step up and be strategic as news maker or people whose opinion can be respected in society. By reading yo headline I imagined I was getting a detailed analysis on all media i.e. print, visual and audio.

        In this day and age we still have women who shy away from media and only God knows why. May be b4 you attack media you should work on empowering women to be bold, confident and aim high.

      2. Sorry to disappoint you on analysis. This post was never intended to be analytical, it was a live blog on election day on what was on Ugandan media and I was looking mainly at TVs which I was shuffling through to get updates and analysis. I am sure when you read my further well you realise that I didn’t see Kamya’s presence in media as a problem, I was rather pointing that she was one of the very few women voices there was on TV!
        And my reaction was to TV panels that were analyzing elections not just voices of those in the electoral process. I know many women still stay away from media and politics but there’s surely women capable of analysing an election.
        Our problem in media is we want to run to same faces who happen to be all men to analyse for us our country we don’t look beyond. And if you wont bring women’s voices on media may be it wd partly explian why many stay away from it.
        In particular i pointed to even panel of journalists, despite having well informed and vocal female journalists who were on the campaign trail for all these months capable of giving great views i never saw any of them. I saw a panel of journalists whom by the way I well respect and some of whom are my bosses but I never saw a woman’s face!

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