To Ugandan Televisions and other media!

The election results are slowly coming in. I have been glued to TV and radios all day trying to get different views. I have watched NTV, UBC and other TV stations and the only prominent female voice i saw was that of Presidential candidate Betty Olive Kamya. The TVs  tell me that Uganda has no females capable of analyzing an election. This blockage of women’s voices is not only on experts but also extends to journalist panels like the one on NTV. We are not seeing women’s voices on air.

This marginalization of women in our media especially when it comes to issues that are vital to the future of our country should not be tolerated. Ugandan media must give equal voice despite of gender. This further enforces stereotypes that women are not interested in politics. I wouldn’t expect media houses to be this discriminatory or ignoring women at such a crucial time in the country’s history.