One man protest over walk to work killings in Uganda

It’s one of my last days in Washington DC before i head home. I took a walk with friends by the White House today. From a distance I could see the flag waving. It had black, yellow red. Few flags can be confused with the Ugandan flag, i took a few steps and i saw one man holding out a placard. As i walked closer to him, one image caught my eye. The image of Brenda Nalwendo, the photo that send chills down the spines of even those i knew to love President Museveni’s regime.  It was in April she was shot right in her belly as she tried to cross the streets as the police and military fired on protesters. She was pregnant and by the hand of God she survived and her baby was unharmed. I later visited her in hospital and haven’t heard from her much. But right here in DC i saw her picture and also the picture of parents of a 2 year old Juliana Nalwanga who was killed in Masaka. About 10 people died in the protests.

Bukenya at the White House holds out a placard with images of those who died in the protests in Uganda in April.

This week civil society organisations called for an independent inquiry into the April killings. I am not optimistic this will happen as we have seen many inquiries in Uganda tend to be a waste. Charles Bukenya was the man holding the placard with these images. He’ on hunger strike a colleague tells me. Its part of the vigil that former presidential candidate and opposition figure  Nortbert Mao has called for,according to Bukenya. Bukenya is a Uganda Young Democrats (USA) head. He says he will not end the strike until President Obama talks to him or about the human rights violations by the current regime. He says its time U.S stopped being blind to the ‘impunity’ that rules in Uganda.

Charles Bukenya head of Uganda Young Democrats in USA on a one man demonstration + hunger strike over April walk to work killings. Rosebell's photo

7 thoughts on “One man protest over walk to work killings in Uganda

  1. This is a good cause and i hope Ugandans will constantly keep their stamina for this. It’s been a while since i heard of a protest for a cause in Uganda. This keeps me wondering as to whether Ugandans in Uganda have already forgotten the outcomes of february 18 and the later day months of April….

  2. The Pregnant lady who was shot in the stomach, actually gave birth last week to a healthy baby, her wounds are healing and interesting when she gave birth the Police took all the credit saying they, met all her hospital bills and while carrying the baby police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba warned ” opposition politicians” from staging unlawful riots, that put innocent Ugandans going about their businesses in arms-way.

    1. good hearing that Michael that’s she’s okay and govt is trying hard to burry the incident with some money but this was grave

  3. Mr. Bukenya Charles your a true patriotic Ugandan. Thank you for the great work to highlighting issues of BRUTALITY, IMPRISONMENT AND KILLING OF UNARMED PRO-DEMOCRACY ACTIVISTS IN UGANDA.
    President Museveni’s Government is determined to OPPRESS FREEDOM OF PRESS IN UGANDA by Closing down media houses who are critical of human rights Abuse in Uganda. Journalists are being tortured and their equipment like Cameras being confiscated, detained, threatening to be shot at if caught doing their job covering peaceful Pro-Democracy Protesters in Uganda.
    Among, Ugandans who were shot by Uganda Police include; A 2 years old baby girl Juliana Nalwanga and a 19 years old pregnant woman who was going to attend antenatal clinic and 10 other people shot dead, 58 survived with gun shot injuries and 149 admitted in hospitals with serious injuries.
    Uganda is expriencing CORRUPTION BY NRM GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL at a level which has never been witnessed in history of our Country Uganda.

  4. Yah Rsb, miraculously the lady gave birth to a to a healthy baby, thank God! and u should have seen Nabakooba smiling sweetly as if………
    For her blame for opposition demonstrators,well, wouldn’t the police (?)mouth piece appear more relevant & far sighted blaming the cause of demonstrations?
    Anyhow we wish Bukenya GOOD LUCK for that much sought after appointment with the President of the Great US
    And Rosebell it will be great having u back home after that while, thanks 4 representing.

    1. Great work you’re doing as a journalist! Plesase keep the info flowing so that way, you continue empowering our people to take charge of their destiny.

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