A speech that Ugandans long for

It’s really emotional to read through this. To read the farewell speech of outgoing Zambian President Rupiah Banda who has conceded defeat in this week’s election to opposition leader Michael Sata. There’s not much you can add to it. With all his weakeness and policy flaws, Banda has given Zambians what many old men on the continent have denied us- a respectful power transition and political maturity.

I say this is the speech that many Ugandans would love to see some day-hopefully soon.  I have seen great quotes from Banda that resonate to many Ugandans and others on the continent. Zambia is another show for Africa that we live above the politics of division, election violence and clinging to power against all odds.

“Zambia must not go backwards, we must all face the future and go forward as one nation. Not to do so would dishonour our history.

“My generation… the generation of the independence struggle– must now give way to new ideas; ideas for the 21st century.”

“Did we become grey and lacking in ideas? Did we lose momentum? Our duty now is to go away and reflect on any mistakes we may have made and learn from them. If we do not, we do not deserve to contest power again.”

“But my greatest thanks must go to the Zambian people. We may be a small country on the middle of Africa but we are a great nation. Serving you has been a pleasure and an honour. I wish i could have done more, i wish i had more time to give.”

“I have no ill feeling in my heart, there is no malice in my words. I wish him well in his years as president. I pray his policies will bear fruit.” — Rupiah Banda.


It takes courage, respect and love to say these words and Uganda is waiting, it has waited since 1962 when we got independence. Below is the full speech Continue reading “A speech that Ugandans long for”