Child marriages in Uganda

This week I was in Kasese taking part in validation of a study soon to be released by Isis-WICCE on child marriages in Uganda. I met Sarah Biira, 19 year old who had her first child at 13 years. Kasese is a post conflict area but has largely been ignored in terms of development. It has been under conflict since 1940s and the education of a girl child is a challenge because of poverty, cultural beliefs and loss of livelihoods to war.

Here is Sarah’s story.


7 thoughts on “Child marriages in Uganda

  1. It is sad that there several cases of child abuse in Uganda in different forms. over the years the government’s response has been make laws and punish the offenders, for this reason we made a law on defilement (amended in 2007), child sacrifice, children act, FGM e.t.c. however the laws have not been followed with proper implementation strategies as well as a drive towards attitude and cultural change. Its time we focus beyond making laws and policies to focusing on economic and social influences that have led to such abuses

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