For Uganda at 50

The last couple of weeks I have been working on a few documentaries one on trade and another on women empowerment. All these are around our 50 years independence anniversary due October 9.  I went to  the eastern district of Butaleja. It was my first time there and also first time to see rice in the field! These were the sites in this beautiful land.

Hajji Ahmed Naleba is a rice farmer in Butaleja Eastern Uganda. Emerging of South Sudan as top market for Ugandan produce has seen farmers like Naleba increase their profit.

Rice being dried by the mill in Butaleja.
A woman winnowing rice. The lack of industrialisation + mechanisation of Uganda’s agriculture continues to be a major obstacle in the fight against poverty.

Child labour is still a big issue in most of rural Uganda. There were many cases i came across. Child carrying as many as 40kgs of rice to the mill.

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