As i think of an article about the Marriage and Divorce bill which is currently being miscommunicated in media and by our male MPs with backing of churches, my Zimbabwean inspirational sister Delta penned down a good one. These experiences from Zimbabwe are not any different from those of us who have grown up in Uganda.

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We used to have conversations in our final year of varsity when the thought of entering the job market weighed heavily on our minds and we worried about where to go from there.

In some of those discussions the view was often expressed that the female graduates were at an advantage because they could always look for a husband instead of stressing too much about their chances of penetrating the job market (as if marriage were a career path) while the males would have no such reprieve.

In the haze of idealism, we thought that perhaps such arguments had merit and that a male graduate might have to work years before they could own a car while a female graduate might happen upon a wealthy man and be driving within a few months.

This line of argument was further buttressed by the fact that many female students often fell pregnant…

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