The T-Shirt front writting
The T-Shirt front writting

A s I indicated in an earlier post, you can get a T-SHIRT, for 31 Million Bafuruki, an expression against those that seem to be enjoying the naming and supporting of proposal that will have implications on ethnic harmony in Uganda. This is not to say people can’t seek genuine interventions to help a certain group of disadvantaged Ugandans get the required attention and solutions to their problems. But members of this group are against use of ethnicity as a dividing factor which politicians in Uganda are currently doing. One can be proud of their tribe and at same time be committed to seeing a a justice country.So stand for Uganda and be part of the 31 Million Bafuruki.  You can also join the discussion on facebook. Just search for 31 Million Bafuruki.

3 thoughts on “Get the 31 MILLION BAFURUKI T-SHIRT

  1. Rosebell, I seriously want like 5 of those T-Shirts, do you know anywhere i can buy them???
    This Bafuruki issue is going to ruin even the little harmony we have left, AS IF WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS ALREADY!!!!

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