Ugandan girl who killed a man in an attempted rape freed, keep up the good work

Many Ugandans have offered to help a 14-year old girl in Bushenyi who stoned to death a 40-year-old man she accused of trying rape her. The girl has been in police custody for about a week and there were concerns that she wouldn’t get bail because she is an orphan who lives alone with her 9-year-old brother.

This is the current point of discussion on the New Vision page.  There have been efforts from individuals and FIDA who have offered to help her through her education and giving her psychological help. This is the kind of treatment that many Ugandan girls who are sexually offended lack. It’s not because we are not willing to help but many times these stories never see the light of day. The Ugandan media has been great in giving this girl’s story attention. We need to do more, encourage these girls to speak out offer any help you can. Though she will be out on bail it’s important to follow the case and ensure justice is delivered.



3 thoughts on “Ugandan girl who killed a man in an attempted rape freed, keep up the good work

  1. People,

    Its very sad that the man is dead and can not defend himself againist accusations by a teenage murderer.
    Supposing the man came back home drunk and was waylaid by this stingy little girl?
    Was the girl in a quarry where stones are plentiful?
    How can you explain the actions of a girl running away from a suspected rapist only to look for a stone heavy enough to kill this man?
    Don’t you think this girl had accomplices who had a grudge with this dead man?
    How powerful was this young girl to kill a 40 year old man?

    i want to assure you that it is very difficult to beget a baby boy and to bring up one to the age of 40 only to be murdered by a senseless young girl?

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