Who will stop the killing and looting in Congo?

I am reading yet another new report by UN experts on Congo on the African Confidential website and it looks like every year that passes the situation slips away from the world to the hands of criminals I mean international criminals all over Africa and Europe. China and some Asian countries like Thailand are new entrant to this scramble for Congo’s resources and lives that began hundreds of years ago.

map of mineral-rich eastern DRC. from Africa Confidential

The report has also put Uganda’s continued role in the conflict and also other European networks with links to the Catholic Church. Two Spanish ‘charities’ with church links are implicated but as I read the report, apart from shaking my head like a lizard, I wondered who cares? Not even we Ugandans know the exploitation of our own resources and where the money goes so how can we even put up a little meaningful fight for the Congolese people.

Just like the past UN reports, nothing has changed. The lootocracy continues and so do the killings and rapes. I still can’t hope to find the answers in the current unjust international system just like I can’t stop Ugandan army top shots from fuelling the conflict. It seems for now we stuck in this not-so-effective name and shame game. We can only spell out a few names we know of those whose hands and bank accounts are stained with the blood of innocent Congolese children, women and men.

3 thoughts on “Who will stop the killing and looting in Congo?

  1. I have read the report and few points about my country continue to scare me.
    “FDLR is recruiting combatants from Rwandan Refugee camps in Uganda. Chaka and Nyakivale” These places are somewhat close to my home village… How does this happen yet we have law enforcement.

    “Uganda involved in the thriving trade in Gold Mined from the eastern conglese towns controlled and taxed by FDLR” ” Almost all congolese Gold is exported via Uganda…..goes to Dubai…..”

    For such to happen then it means there is someone watching these happen.

    I am reading “the shackled continent” a book by Robert Guest, the book shows how DRC is like supermarket for its neighbours.

    But then The leaders and the establishment of the FDLR is being watched by the French and nothing is being done. I was Watching CNN and one of the leaders of FDLR denied the UN report that they were killing people. He

  2. good to know you’re following but you should know that these activities do not happen becuase the government can’t ensure that there’s proper surviellence but rather someone big and real big is benefiting from the minerals and it doesns’t matter if those who give him the minerals are committing war crimes or not. Feeding African despots and their group of we-fought-to-get-here is having a toll on all of us the difference is that the congolese people are being butchered in their own homes. i don’t think if it’s an exchange of minerals and fighters program between FDLR and some people high up in our country then it wd lead to instability in your home. i am not overlooking its impact but it looks like such an exchange would takes place outside the refugee camps and probably out of Ugandan borders. I am not sure about it but with the past crimes in congo on our back we will not know the real story real soon.
    On FDLR and denials, can you tell in any case where enkyende ekacwa ogwekibira!

  3. Charities are the replacement of religion. I mean the way religion was used in the process of colonialism. Nothing much has changed really. And behind the downfall of AFRICA is an AFRICAN/A GREEDY AFRICAN who has been used in these crimes. But all i can say is that in the future maybe we will even be dead, our grandchildren will develope a hatred or enemity as a result of this theft of minerals. I really hate it when these leaders drown themselves in obscene wealth and i hate charities aswell. They are more evil than helpful. But when will we ever learn? I guess we will not with the idiots running our countries.

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