Hips, bums don’t lie

Many of you in UG and even those who visit Kampala for the first time wonder why would some people come up with huge banners “ENLARGE YOUR BUMS.” Many ask, why are Ugandans obsessed with bums and hips?

Many look and laugh others follow the advice and as far as I know the trick has worked and in other cases backfired. If you’re interested in getting more information please call that number.

And this is why you might consider the call.

A team of scientists at Oxford in UK have found that carrying extra weight on your hips, bum and thighs is good for your health, protecting against heart and metabolic problems. Hip fat mops up harmful fatty acids and contains an anti-inflammatory agent that stops arteries clogging.

The researchers said having too little fat around the hips can lead to serious metabolic problems, as occurs in Cushing’s syndrome.

Now you know why the song Hips don’t lie was played at the World Cup in Germany and for those who were not yet convinced this is another piece of information.

4 thoughts on “Hips, bums don’t lie

  1. Is it for health reasons that people need their hips and bums enlarged?
    So what happens to men? Should we go for hip enlargement?

    When I read this I laughed. Well then the obsession for enlarged hips could be for health reasons.

  2. I do not trust these scientists in the least bit. They come up with these things and then later try to carry out their experiments on people which could be fatal to them. They are only trying to sell a product that is surgery to people. It will not be free. They are trying to create a business especially among black people who pride in big bums and hips. I hope no one considers this scam.

  3. LOL, Well Rita for decades at least in the west, they have potrayed that a slim woman is the attractive one not in my village. In fact when i lose a little weight (not intentional) people ask what happened to me so if this is a scam them it wont be for Africans.
    Don’t forget the research says in future they could find a way to add some flesh for those who want it. And who is going for plastic surgery? Women in the west mostly and i hope time comes when they realise they are just playing into the hands of money -making science.

    @ McKeith, the enlarge your bums unfortunately is for women for now. Well these street smart Ugandans dont do it for health reasons but for those who are worked up not having whatever they think are enough bums. It’s business again targeting women who are made to think they are not beautiful.

    But it seems the Kampala business is about enlarge your everything.

  4. That is true Rosebell. LOL You know how there are black women who like hips and don’t have them but want them. LOL

    It is just so weird how at one point they were getting women to reduce their bams, reduce their noses and enlarge their breasts. But they are very clever, they always target a particular group with a particular problem. Especially the women. They make us feel less attractive so that they can sell us their product. And they always prey on certain people and the media’s responses and stereotypes on women. When will we learn? LOL

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