Uganda’s pledge to Haiti

The Ugandan government has offered US$ 100,000 [shillings 180 million] to aid humanitarian efforts in the earth-quake hit island of Haiti. The Trinidad and Tobago Commission put up  “The Haiti Disaster Appeal Fund” where the government promised this money.

I proud that Uganda can aid about the same money a health center’s annual budget to Haiti for its more meaningful when people give not out their surplus but what they need too.

In the course of last week, we (students at upeace) from a student that finished her last year. it was heartbreaking just like most stories out Haiti but the different for many is putting a ‘real face’ you know to the disaster. Here it is:

“Dear Everyone,
As some of you may know it, a tremendous earthquake hit Haiti. I first thank you all for informing about me and my family. My little brother, families and friends passed away during this catastrophe. My hope is that God on his way will fill out the blankness left behind. Your inquiry about me makes more that what you think: it comforts and makes me feel I’m not alone. The situation that is developing now is : The earthquake is repeating at each time and keep surprising people(survivors). The population mostly school children and students are homeless they are suffering  but no medical supplies available to
take care of, people are starved  and violence is likely escalating specially in the prone- violence areas. It happens the world is not responsible, we are at least responsible of what we do with it.”

The Ugandan aid doesnt include private donations, i know most people in Uganda who are well off still struggle to educate cousins, grand kids, nieghbours who are not privileged but if you can please donate to the Fund put up by the Trinidad and Tobago embassy.

3 thoughts on “Uganda’s pledge to Haiti

  1. Rosie,

    Yes, it is good that Uganda is donating to the quake victims in Haiti. One hundred thousand dollars is something, but Uganda can do more, much more. Just imagine the billions of shillings stolen each year and so much more. After 25 years, if the government was really serious, Uganda would have moved on to become a rather prosperous African country capable of donating much more. I know Uganda might be fearing that if they gave much, the donors would say we are rich. The truth is that Uganda is rich, or is at least capable to donating much more. I saw on your wall somebody said Akankwatsa alone could do more…

    1. i think you have a point but my thinking is if that money didnt go to Haiti then we don’t know where it would have gone knowing the issues of corruption you have mentioned.

  2. I am so happy that Uganda has donated this money or pledged it, Uganda has the money and can afford it, so why not? I think all african countries should donate some money. The aid has not reached most of its targets yet. So it’s quite frustrating and i pray that it does eventually. So much money has been donated.

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