Beyond Elections: Making accountability work

We’re closing, in part, on this note:

Since the late 1980s, the number of elected governments in Africa has increased dramatically. Elections are now the norm on the continent, and citizens are using both traditional and new media to exert pressure for continuing reform and accountability. What tools and institutions are complementing elections to strengthen democracy and promote peacebuilding? How are communication technologies creating new platforms for citizen voices and government accountability?

One wonders whether rigged elections (Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Uganda) also count in the dramatic increase in elected governments. Just asking.

One thought on “Beyond Elections: Making accountability work

  1. I’m doing research on the potential for new information and communication technology (especially blogs and twitter) to increase political participation in Africa: looking primarily at Swaziland and other Southern African states.

    Unfortunately, since the cynical “electoralism” of the 90s (and perhaps the US’ botched presidential election in 2000?), the idea has been to elect governments, however fairly, and hope that the campaigns, experience, and changing expectations institution

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