Costa Ricans go to polls

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Tomorrow I will be taking part in the election monitoring of the Costa Rican elections. Today we caught up with the two front runners, centrist Partido Liberación Nacional’s Laura Chinchilla (pronounced as Kinkiya for Ugandans) who is seeking to be the country’s first female president and Otto Guevara of the Partido Movimiento Libertario. Otto who has a very ‘Ugandan’ name reminded of one of the drama kings in our parliament, Odong Otto. But that’s not all about this man. He’s all for free trade while Chinchilla believes in monopoly and nationalisation.

We had a Q&A session but i wont be posting my thoughts on the candidates i finish up with the observer mission tomorrow. Here are some of the shots i got.

Laura Chinchilla Miranda
Otto Guevara talking to one of the observers
Otto Guevara

To watch some of the ads the campaigns produced follow this link. And follow The Wall Street Journal analysis here

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