Africa must address youth unemployment to reduce poverty

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Tanzanian Prime Minister Peter Mpinda has today said Africa cannot easily overcome poverty without investing heavily in agriculture. He said in most countries youth unemployment figures are alarming yet they have not made agriculture – largest economic sector- attractive to the youth.

I had a brief chat with Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  and i will be bringing it later. Here pictures from the event.

President Sirleaf with Danish PM Rasmussen. Rosebell's photo
Tanzanian Prime Minister Peter Pinda addressing the youth. Photo by Hilary Bujiku.
President of the African Development Bank Donald Kaberuka and ILO Executive Director. Rosebell's photo.

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  1. Poverty almost seems to be the bedrock to the motivation of African youth Unemployment.
    “Africa cannot easily overcome poverty without investing heavily in agriculture,” according to the Hon. Tanzanian Prime Minister Peter Mpinda, projects a high level of solution. We as youth of Africa are in a weak position to continuously enjoy the highest dose of unemployment. Justice and equality are both demand of our request. African leaders must note that, ‘we do not need strong men but strong institutions!!’ Promote our education systems with high standards and engage our minds with necessary opportunities…to think right, to live right and to be right!!

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