More commitment to Education in Africa needed

African nations lack the political will to provide access to primary education to all children, according to the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), a coalition of organisations in 100 countries.

A school boy carrying grain in Lira Northern Uganda. Most children in post conflict Uganda can't stay in school due to hunger and poverty. Rosebell's photo

In most countries on the continent, achieving basic education remains a far-off dream, the coalition stated in a report titled, “Back to School? The worst places in the world to be a school child in 2010”, which was launched during the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Summit in New York, where world leaders are gathering to evaluate their countries’ progress five years ahead of the 2015 deadline. Read more

2 thoughts on “More commitment to Education in Africa needed

  1. One of the things to be looked at is foreign aid that has disabled the potential of sustainable income of the affected countries. This in the run makes governments in Africa be accountable to the donor community rather than the citizens of their respective countries. Africa (Uganda for example) has a massive potential of land to invest in Agriculture to even accelerate exportation to other needy countries. Because of this “virus” education as a major engine to a country’s development has been highly affected up to the grass-roots (the common man).

    Nice brief piece (It could be up for discussion)
    Thanks Rosebell

    1. Thanks Brian,
      You raise an important point. I attended a discussion and guess what they all talked about looking for more money and not really looking at local alternatives its been over 5o years of AID and things dont really improve considering how much money they raise. Accountability of course is something we have lost in this whole aid driven interventions.

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