A minute with President Sirleaf on MDGs and Africa’s performance

I took a few minutes of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to talk about the continent’s performance and what her country will embark on in the next five years.

Q: Ten years after Africa endorsed the Millennium Development  Goals, what’s there to show the world?

Ans: As of now we cannot say that any African country will achieve all eight of the MDGs by the target date

But 11 of the 20 cnoutries that have made progress on the several of them are found in Africa. So what we need to do now is to see how we can each country and collectively as African countries begin to target the areas where we think we can achieve and put all our efforts behind that.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen. Rosebell's photo

Q: What would be the area that we should put the effort?

Ans: Each country will differ depending on their own institutions and their own capabilities in case of Liberia we are going to child mortality, women empowerment, partnerships, HIV/AIDS and maternal mortality

Other countries might go for poverty because it cuts across all sectors we all trying to find ways how we can achieve the targets but differently.

In Liberia maternal mortality is one of our biggest challenges we are going to be far from reaching the goal.

A minute with President Sirleaf

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