Collections from Soroti, eastern Uganda

Two Karimojong women activists from Kotido disply their work at an exhibition in Soroti 30/10/10. Rosebell's photo


Karimojong beauty. Rosebell's photo.
Beauty in everything: Karimojong girls dancing during the commemoration of UNSCR 1325 in Soroti. Rosebell's photo
Doctors carry on with cervical cancer testing. 200 women were screened. Screening can oly be done at regional hospitals which are usually over 40 km from farthest village.
A boy very attentive while someone gave a speech.
The beauty I found in Tubur, about 30 kms from Soroti town
A boy listening to one of the meetings we had in Tubur sub-county. Rosebell's photo.
A school boy sits by a borehole waiting to fetch water. Access to water in many areas in Uganda is a problem. Rosebell's photo.
Man clad in one of the T-shirts with a picture of UPC candidate. There was some Otunnu love. The election fever is everywhere. Rosebell's photo
Women selling oranges by the roadside in Soroti. Economic empowerment of women in post conflict Uganda is key to recovery.

3 thoughts on “Collections from Soroti, eastern Uganda

  1. very good shorts Rosebell! Didnt know that you are such a good photographer too!
    Every time I read stories like this, I remember how much work we (the youth) have to do to make the world a better place not only for ourselves but for all of us. 🙂

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