A father’s day note

Happy Day to all moms who work day and night being both father and mother to your children! We live in an interesting world where fathers never turn up when you need a pencil, a school bag, tuition fees or at a school event. They are never anywhere close when you are doing homework each night.

These are the fathers who will fight to be present at your graduation, remind you how they are your father and list all their entitlements on the news of a possible marriage or simply turn up at your door to because now you are somebody.

I have had close friends whose never-ever-present fathers turn up to ask their fiance loads of money a few weeks to their wedding and well those whose fathers only remember them when they hear they have got a job.

There are also those male relatives who are supposedly your father according tradition- because your father passed away at a young age. They never ever supported you but they will force their way to wedding meeting to demand their’rightful’ place.

These are true stories have plagued some peoples lives today.

So such on a day, I thank all fathers who are doing their best to be good fathers and good role models for your children especially daughters! Who believe that your daughter can be as good as your son and show it. You are gems!

When I think of good fathers, I am drawn to The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, first book in the series by Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith set up in Botswana. His lead fiction character is Mma Precious Ramotswe, the first female private investigator in Botswana. Precious is always talking fondly about her late father Rra Obed Ramotswe who allowed her to inherit his herd of cattle in a culture where women aren’t really allowed this right. Precious describes herself as a “girl who has had a good father.” And this drives her to do great in her career.

To all fathers, I hope your children can proudly say, today or later in life, that they are proud of what you are doing for them! I

Happy Fathers Day from Belfast!

3 thoughts on “A father’s day note

  1. Dear Rosebell,

    Read your blog all the time and really value it for its clarity and independence. God bless you! And I hope you will keep writing for a long time to come.

    Thanks for the courageous observations about fathers, which can be true some of the time. But as the father in a blended family, with two children from a previous marriage on my wife’s side, let me say that there are many, many ways that fathers are blessed by their children beyond entitlements or fatherly privileges.

    Fathers are truly blessed by the love of their children, and as I grow older (I’m now a lucky grandfather) I realize that more and more. Father’s Day gives me a chance to look back and know that I have been blessed much more than I have blessed. Thank you, my children!

    Keep up the good work, Rosebell,


    1. Good to hear about great stories, it is just that many times we look around all people want to do is reap where they haven’t planted much. I have loads of friends who have struggled to please fathers who have been almost useless in their life until they hear the kids are doing well. Just a reminder, fathering someone is one thing, being there and adding meaning to that is another. Continue to be a blessing to your children

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