Stella Nyanzi only did what we have feared to do

The intimidation, threats against those Ugandans who dare think outside the box our rulers are comfortable with are real. My friend Uwitware put her thoughts here elaborately on Stella Nyanzi’s campaign for pads and the response from Minister of Education. Hours after this post went up she received threats against her and her family via Facebook and she made these threats public and also reported to police.  Yesterday April 08, Uwitware was kidnapped for hours and released around midnight. I don’t know what state she is now. Police say she is safe. Not much on the condition they found her in.  But violence that has been waged against free thought and freedom of expression in the past is well known and I still fear what could have done to her. Her employers say she is safe but what is safe after an abduction? Uwitware and others like her need us not to be silent. Silence will not save us.

Uwitware's Picks

IMG_4956When the First Lady Janet Museveni, in her capacity as education minister called the media to advise parents about among others, not to transport their kids to school on Boda Boda’s, or if they should, not more than two on one bike, no one dared to respond to her unrealistic advice in this Uganda that’s marred with a lot of inequality.

Only one outspoken woman, Stella Nyanzi – who I am actually so proud of to this effect – dared to insert her finger in the anus of the “leopardess.” I salute you Nyanzi

Many, without taking in the crucial points passed judgment over Nyanzi for her response that made rounds on social media as largely vulgar, missing the point therefore.

The filthy – mouthed mother of twins spat rubbish as many who claim to be morally upright perceived it but a few of us ( now dubbed anti government…

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