This is information i have yet to confirm but a friend has told me that Uganda has stopped flights of Air Uganda to many parts of east Africa because of a threat from Al-shabab.

I am yet to get details but Air Uganda is not a national carrier. It is not yet known how real the plans of Al-shabab were because there has always been a threat since Uganda deployed in Somalia a peace keeping force on the request of IGAD in 2007.

Uganda in flights have not experienced a threat since the famous Entebbe incident in Iddi Amin’s years when an Air France plane from Tel Aviv was hijacked and people were taken hostage by two Palestinian miltants and two Germans in June 1976.

Uganda has also not suffered a terror attack like its neighbours Kenya and Tanzania where in 1998 US embassies were blown leaving hundreds dead.

Since the deployment in Somalia, Uganda has lost not more than 20 soldiers but the deadliest attack came September last year in the AU force compound.

Somali insurgents detonated two suicide car bombs, at African Union (AU) peacekeeping headquarter in Mogadishu, killing nine soldiers including the deputy force Commander from Burundi Maj. Gen. Juvenile Niyoyunguriza.