Al-shabab threat: Uganda stops flights to East African countries

This is information i have yet to confirm but a friend has told me that Uganda has stopped flights of Air Uganda to many parts of east Africa because of a threat from Al-shabab.

I am yet to get details but Air Uganda is not a national carrier. It is not yet known how real the plans of Al-shabab were because there has always been a threat since Uganda deployed in Somalia a peace keeping force on the request of IGAD in 2007.

Uganda in flights have not experienced a threat since the famous Entebbe incident in Iddi Amin’s years when an Air France plane from Tel Aviv was hijacked and people were taken hostage by two Palestinian miltants and two Germans in June 1976.

Uganda has also not suffered a terror attack like its neighbours Kenya and Tanzania where in 1998 US embassies were blown leaving hundreds dead.

Since the deployment in Somalia, Uganda has lost not more than 20 soldiers but the deadliest attack came September last year in the AU force compound.

Somali insurgents detonated two suicide car bombs, at African Union (AU) peacekeeping headquarter in Mogadishu, killing nine soldiers including the deputy force Commander from Burundi Maj. Gen. Juvenile Niyoyunguriza.

6 thoughts on “Al-shabab threat: Uganda stops flights to East African countries

  1. I have read this story and taken it with a pinch of salt. Indeed i knew that it would be a matter of time before the Kampala regime did anything radical to get back in to the good books of Washington.

    We all know that the regime has been increasingly black listed by governments in the west more so in the Scandinavia (with exception of Denmark and Iceland). This, basing on the regime’s human rights and governance record besides its increased intolerance and now shame that the west is beginning to develop in maintaining vampire regimes in Africa.
    President Obama’s administration even made it worse when he turned down all desires by the regime leader for a White House meeting.

    It would not be long therefore that the regime would use blackmail tactics that it has long used on the Ugandan people.
    For, who does not know that it’s the regime that has been selling weapons to Al Shabaab in Somalia and blaming it on Eritrea,
    Who does not know that the regime planted and blew up bombs in Kampala to, one, use it as a ploy to arrest opposition leaders and also attract Anti-Terrorism finance from the West.
    Who does not know that Joseph Kony’s LRA has often been found with freshly supplied Uganda government weapons?

    So, I dare conclude that this threat is generated by the regime to get back Washington’s ear.

    Keep your ear to the ground!

  2. as you mentioned Air Uganda is not the national carrier. i don’t understand why Government should impose a stop of a private airlines flights. also there are other airlines operating from entebbe which would still be targeted for having Uganda nationals on board so why not ground all of them too?

  3. Farai,
    Isn’t it a shame that even with the internet Ugandan newspapers have nothing on their sites to at least mention what went on. I only heard about the news through a phone call to some friends who were watching TV in Kampala.

    Well my last post after reading BBC news shows that Americans acted alone whether it is part of their ugly tactics to keep all people on their feet about terrorism we are yet to know. but the uganda government says they learnt about the ‘supposed terror’ attack on a Ugandan registered airline from an embassy website. And with these questions, no newspaper has even a blog working or TV having any website to give updates online.

    Are Ugandan media owners and managers sleeping throughout this new media age?

  4. These world leaders are just control freaks. I have always wondered how Kony had never been arrested even when they had him in sight.

    The story does not sound real to me. Ever since the Nigerian terrorist attempt, so many terrorist and islam related stories have been saturated in the media. America and all those nations that are involved in Iraq and Afghanistan and so on, are under pressure to stop these wars and remove the troops. So they need all the excuses to stay and accomplish whatever they have to accomplish over there. They have run out of excuses and i think right now they need african support in some way as an excuse to prolong the so called war on terror.

    All i can say is GOD HELP US THE INNOCENT PEOPLE caught up in all this. They will take lives if they have to.

  5. As far as Samuel Stefan is concerned, he must be living and thinking in a very different kind of Uganda compared to the one we are living in. he is either dreaming or just suffering from hallucinations because whatever he is talking about is misleading and isn’t there.

    For Farai,
    Homeland security can ground any particular carrier and not necessarily a national carrier as was the case with spanair, virgin atlantic etc. failing to understand why Government should impose private airline flights is just lack of common sense and exposure.

  6. Shisa, i would rather you point out what i got wrong instead of belching nonsense !

    You actually are naive and a sad fossil ! For who never read that the UPDF in Somalia were selling weapons to Somalia ? Who never read that elements of Al Shabaab had trained in Uganda.

    In which Uganda are you yourself living before you dare challenge me ! I bet you are either living in the armpits of M7 or in the boot of Muhoozi.

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