US Khartoum Embassy issued attack warning. Uganda authorities learnt from embassy website

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The BCC says The US embassy in the Sudanese capital Khartoum has warned of a possible attack on Air Uganda planes.

The embassy said it had information that US travellers faced a potential threat between Juba in Sudan and the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

A spokesman for the Ugandan army, Lt Col Felix Kulayigye:

US warning was a surprise.

Intelligence had been known since early December.

Uganda foreign affairs office:

Allegations of attack not grounded.

US manner of the warning criticised.

Uganda authorities not informed.

“They did not inform us of this security threat, we learnt about it from the embassy’s website,” – Foreign Ministry spokesman Moawiya Osman Khalid

AFP said an Air Uganda flight was returned to Entebbe airport in Kampala when it was ordered to return.

well no suprise but there’s no information on Air Uganda website

Is US up again about going it alone? Is Uganda paying the price of ‘fighting US wars.’

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  1. Attacks on planes really make peple scare abut flying. But the number of people travelling by plane doesn’t reduce. So they should just manage it do their best to improve the safety of people!

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